Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome to our blog


I am Grant K. Gibson and I am a San Francisco interior designer and blogger. I have been involved with the show for the last five years- serving as a member of the Designers Circle. This year I will be designing one of the entrance vignettes when you first walk into the show (so be sure to check this space out and stop by to say hello!)

I have been asked by the show this year to start this blog so that we can share upcoming information with everyone out there. We plan on linking this to Facebook as well (for all of you really cool and techie people out there). There are several parties leading up to the show - so we will post party pictures!

Check back for more details on upcoming events for the show - including a list of the dealers and how to get in touch with them and a list of the firms on the Designers Circle committee, with links to each of their websites.

2009 is a very exciting time for San Francisco with the recently opening “ King Tut” exhibition at the de Young Museum, and it just happens that the theme of is the 2009 San Francisco Fall Antiques Show is EGYPTOMANIA!

If you have any suggestions of things that YOU would like to see- please feel free to email.

Thank you!

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