Saturday, October 24, 2009

Behind the scenes with Andrew Skurman

Long before the execution of the “Tut” egyptomania theme started, the visual expression of the concept had to be worked out and the logistics determined.

In stepped talented architect Andrew Skurman, who volunteered his time to serve as the creative director of the antiques show this year (also maybe a creative genius for pulling all of this creativity together).

I met with Andy earlier this week to talk a little bit about how the process started and to learn more about how it will all come together. I am sure all of you blog readers will really like this behind the scenes look and special preview of what to expect just next week!

I really love the sketches and photos (Abu Simbel) that inspired Andy. He worked closely with Ryan Associates (to build it all) and Shirley Robinson (to hand paint the hieroglyphics on each of the 6 entrance columns)

I am so excited to see all this hard work come together - This dramatic entrance will sure be one to be remembered and really make a opening statement!

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