Saturday, October 31, 2009

Opening night!

The opening night gala was a smashing success!

People arrived and were immediately greeted by Enterprise students dressed in Egyptian costume - and behind them you could see the colossal statement the foyer made with its transformation to Egypt on the Bay. People were gasping at how wonderful everything looked. After oohing and grabbing a cocktail, they were on their way to enjoy the fabulous night.

As usual the food by Dan McCall was a hit. The infamous lamb chops, perfect roast beef, and fresh huge shrimp towered high, and of course the caviar bars and center desert island were constantly busy.

Some people come for the food- but I think most everyone was there to see what treasures they could find throughout the show. I saw many signs with red dots in many booths- so I hope that it was a successful night for all of the dealers that worked so hard to ship everything in and set up their spaces in particularly artistic ways this way.

Major favorites from the swarms of people included Axel Vervoordt, Carlton Hobbs, Robert Young, Therien, and Steinitz. People adored the antiques textiles at The Lotus Collection. Lots of people were happy to see the local favorite Epoca new to the show this year, and also contemporary silver in the fresh booth of Garrido.

The whole evening was magical - it was like we were all transported to Egypt for the night - nobody wanted to leave!

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