Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Fleece party

Thursday night, SFFAS Enthusiasts Committee Chairs Bryan and Jenna Hunt hosted a party for their group of patrons at the very fashionable Black Fleece/Brooks Brothers store on Fillmore Street.

The decor of the store, with antique luggage and stylish works of art, was a perfect backdrop to talk about some of the new and returning dealers to the antiques show. Of course, the event also offered shopping opportunity for the perfect outfit to wear to the upcoming Preview Party!

Special thanks to Black Fleece and dapper Store Manager Robert Oren for such a lovely event!

Jenna and Bryan Hunt

Jenna Hunt, Robert Oren

Wray Humphrey, Anne Davies, Don Buhman

Claire Miller, Brian Miller

Melissa Barber, Patrick Barber, Holland Lynch

Grant K. Gibson, Suzanna Allen

Maria Sullivan, Chris Hemphill, Liz Curtis, Michelle Curtis

Victoria Penfield, Jenna Hunt, Kathryn Lasater

Beth Townsend, Jenna Hunt

Cia Townsend, Jay Jeffers, Michelle Goss

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