Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dara Rosenfeld

Interior designer Dara Rosenfeld brings scholarship, connoisseurship, and her own refined style to interiors. As principal of her eponymous firm, Rosenfeld designs residences from Pacific Heights to the Pacific Islands.

About her table for the Gump’s "Hidden Treasures" celebration, Rosenfeld says, "I always discover hidden treasures when traveling, and I collect antique jewelry from India, so those elements combined to inspire my design. I started with this incredible copper Paul Mathieu dining table and a Tony Duquette fabric—Duquette of course being celebrated for his jewelry and theatrical settings. The 'jewels' of our setting are the gold flatware, cuff napkin rings and gorgeous emerald- and ruby-toned Hermes glassware from Gump’s."


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