Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show Preview Gala

The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show presented its 32nd Annual fair, opening with the Preview Gala on October 23 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.  Show Chairs, Michele Goss and Adrianna Pope Sullivan welcomed over 2,000 guests including Ann and Bob Fisher, Dede Wilsey, Summer Tompkins Walker, Trevor Traina, Kathryn Lasater, Kendall Wilkinson, John and Cynthia Gunn and Ken Fulk.

The Preview Gala opened the 4-day show, presenting 63 international exhibitors from 9 countries in a broad range of high end art and antiques collecting areas. The Gala channeled the jazz age in honor of its theme “Jazz Moderne: Art Deco & the Avant Garde”.  Guests entered through a larger than life entrance display of four 20-foot French Art Deco-inspired urns designed and created by famed architect, Andrew Skurman, constructed by Moroso Construction and painted by decorative painter, Willem Rack√©.  

The Gala is well known for its live music, numerous caviar and vodka bars, flowing Champagne, sumptuous dinner buffets and over the top dessert stations.  The Pacific Chamber Orchestra played jazz throughout the 50,000 square feet of the show.

Todd Traina, Dede Wilsey and Ken Fulk, Designers Circle Member

Andrew Skurman, FAS Creative Director, Michele Goss, FAS Co-chair, and Ariane Trimuschat, FAS Director

Phoebe Cowles and Robert Girard


Kathryn and Bo Lasater

Summer Tompkins Walker, Victoria Raiser and Leslie Podell

Norman and Norah Stone

Randi Fisher, Bob Fisher, Lexie George, and Mark George

Neill Bassi, Kristin Gherardi, and Trevor Traina

Dr. Elisa Stephens, Peter Mueller, EHSS Board President and O.J. Shansby

Ann and Bob Fisher

Allison Speer and Alison Pincus

Will Harbin and Stephanie Southerland

Patrick and Melissa Barber

Cynthia and John Gunn

Robert Federighi and Toni Wolfson, FAS Committee Member

Dr. Elisa Stephens, Robert and Adrianna Pope Sullivan, FAS Committee Member and Kitty Margolis, Honorary Chair

Michael Cole, Shannon Varunok, Kari de Arantes Oliveira and Martim de Arantes Oliveira

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More than 20,000 youth have learned the skills and values essential to workplace success at Enterprise. 100% of the proceeds of the show go directly to Enterprise for High School Students.

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